Friday, August 1, 2014

6 things - What interviewers are looking for, but don't ask...

Michael Schneider

Do you ever wonder what's being discussed after you leave your interview? Or what everyone was writing down during your responses? Below are a few examples of what interviewers are trying to determine without actually asking...

1) Are you likable?
I've seen qualified candidates miss out on great jobs because they come across too arrogant, too demeaning, and too cold. One of the best traits in interviewing is the ability to read your audience, feel out the environment, and tailor your responses to fit the situation. Remember that everyone in the interview is determining whether or not they could see themselves working with you EVERY SINGLE DAY. Be personable and be mentally present!

2) Are you interested in the job?
People will be surprised how far a little enthusiasm can go. Make sure to show zeal by preparing for the interview, learning about the company, and coming in ready with questions that prove you've taken this seriously. NEVER SAY THAT YOU DON'T HAVE ANY QUESTIONS. A big mistake candidates make is believing that they hold all the leverage. There are many fish in the sea and potential employers want candidates who have a genuine interest in their company.

3) Are there any underlying issues?
Make sure to remain positive at all times throughout the interview. Remember, an employer expects you to be on your best behavior during the interview. So if there is even a shred of confusion, doubt, or concern about your character, they anticipate it only magnifying once you start.

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