Monday, August 11, 2014

Resume Writing – 50 Tips That Work

Professional resume writers agree there are many right ways to write a resume. Get 10 professional resume writers working for the same resume client, and they could probably create 10 different resumes based on style and look. However, all of the resumes could still be very good.

After 12 years of owning a resume writing business, I have seen these resume writing tips immediately transform a resume. Remember – Your resume has 20-30 seconds to make an impression and spending 30 minutes with this list could help!

2. Proofread resumes for grammar, spelling and factual errors by reading from the end in reverse order

3. Use consistent font size including bullet sizes on your resume

14. Top 30-40% of the resume gets the most attention; Make it grab the reader’s attenton.

36. Get others to proof read your resume – be open to criticism

See all 50 tips and the complete article

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