Friday, February 6, 2009

“Pealse hyer mee” What is setting YOU apart from the other hundred billion job applicants and landing you the job?


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This morning I logged in to my email and received this warning from the System Administrator:
“Your mailbox has exceeded one or more size limits set by your administrator.”
My InBox has filled up with tons of applicants applying for active openings. The shear amount of applicants isn’t what amazed me. It was the amount of people applying for postings that don’t match the skill set in the listing. One missed requirement that stood out most was:
“Attention to detail”
As I’m sifting through the applicants and finding background matches to contact, I find myself thoroughly disappointed and honestly, saddened. I’ll use one resume in particular that caught my eye – and forced me to pour another cup of coffee. At the top it stated:
Key Qualificaation:
- Excellent customer relations, verbal, written and interpersonal skills.
- Outstanding marketing skills including website designs and creation of other promotional materials.
We all make mistakes, but when it comes to professional first impressions it is so important to be “spot on”. Spell checking and proof reading is basic.
In this case, the little things can make or break your chances of consideration. A resume or cover letter that is so distracting with errors can create missed opportunities for you. Active job seekers that are sending out resumes and not getting interviews should take a look at how and what they are using in to correspond with to perspective employers. Does it read well? Does it match what the employer is looking for? Is your contact information clearly legible?
Successful applicants NEED to stand apart from the rest of the job search competition – stand out that is in a positive way.
What first impressions have YOU made? Are you being your own career search watchdog?

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