Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Press '1' To Eliminate Yourself Immediately As a Candidate...

First up, I'm a Gen X'er, so don't tell me I don't understand because I am too old... Is being in your 30's too old now?

Why do seemingly quality candidates insist on leaving inappropriate greetings on their voice mail? Do theyVoice_mail_ understand recruiters like me might call their number and get voice mail?

I've been known to be hard on voice mail. If I am calling a candidate off a resume and get voice mail, I treat it like a freebie. Good energy and kind of dynamic sounding in your voice mail greeting? Cool, I'm more interested than I was when I called. Sound depressed and seem like the whole thing takes too much energy? I'm out - you lost the opportunity. I rate your voice mail - if you are rated 5 or worse, you'll never hear from KD again..

Just called a strong candidate back after a phone interview to set up a face-to-face session. Hadn't gotten her voice mail yet in the process. Got it this time - BAM!!! I'm treated to 30 seconds of a profane Notorious B.I.G track before the innocent, professional voice I was expecting comes through over the track during the chorus. Professional position, 50-60K job. Bye-Bye...

It would be the same deal whether it was Marilyn Manson or Larry the Cable Guy. Market to me, the recruiter. Don't take risky chances with your brand when I call.

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