Friday, March 6, 2009

1 Hour Webinar Designed To Get You A Job NOW!

Learn how in this one-hour, online training. If you can see this website,
you can attend this online training.

*** At, we are the leaders in knowing what it takes to get YOU hired. We have been working with leaders in the staffing industry for over a decade and that means our trainers know first-hand about what an employer wants in an applicant. This training is for ANYONE looking for a job -- and is given by the people who understand the job market better than anyone, or any company, out there!

Take it from a pro. Craig Silverman and his teams have placed over 15,000 people into new jobs over the last twelve years. He has the most accurate information on what employers look for in potential job candidates, how to make the ultimate impression, and how you can land a great new job in weeks.

On March 12th at noon est, Craig is bringing this information to YOU! It doesn't matter if you are a software programmer, accountant, scientist, administrative assistant, lawyer, sales, this is an event you should attend to help make your search a success.

We will focus on:
Building your marketing package: cover letter, resume, and reference list
How to network: calling your contacts, social networking sites
Job boards & resume databases
Working with recruiters: The do's and don'ts
Preparing for the interview
Waging an 8-week campaign to generate multiple offers


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