Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Guerrilla Job Search Tips - How to Find Jobs and Get Hired Faster in a Recession

Guerrilla Job Search Tips - How to Find Jobs and Get Hired Faster in a Recession
By: Kevin Donlin and David E. Perry

In any economy, you can find a job faster by doing three simple things:

1) Know the position you want, with absolute clarity, right down to the job title.
2) Know where you want to work, right down to the names of 10-20 ideal employers.
3) Use unconventional "guerrilla" tactics to get noticed -- and get hired.

Here are the stories of two people who did all the above -- and found great jobs -- right in the middle of the current recession.

1) Anyone for Coffee?

Janet FritzHuspen from St. Paul, Minnesota, landed a job after mailing coffee cups to area employers.

That's right -- coffee cups.

Here's what she did …

FritzHuspen found jobs advertised online, then sent a box with a travel coffee mug, her resume and a cover letter inside. Her letter said, "I would like to meet you over coffee to discuss how I can benefit the ABC Corporation as your director."

"I sent the box via FedEx Ground, so I could track and know when they signed for it. I waited about 20 minutes after it arrived. Then, I called and said, 'Hi. You just got my package!' and I went from there," she says.

FritzHuspen sent three coffee cups in two weeks. "I called and spoke with somebody at all three employers, and had a conversation with one hiring manager that resulted in an interview."

About two weeks later, FritzHuspen got the job!

Here are three ways to make this tactic work for you:

Find out how she did it and more tips @

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