Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Man puts face on billboard in search of a job

If Mark Heuer doesn't land a job, at least hundreds of thousands of people will know what he looks like.

Heuer's seven-times-life-size image, printed on weather-resistant vinyl and illuminated at night by spotlights the size of basketballs, is about to be wrapped around a billboard visible to the drivers of some 60,000 vehicles a day.

Since the 45-year-old Kewaskum-area man has the space for 30 days, that makes 1.8 million chances someone will notice his sign and do what he's hoping they'll do: hire him.

This is a guy who takes self-marketing seriously.

"How do you get in front of more people?" he asked rhetorically Wednesday as he explained the thinking that led him to a 14-by-48-foot Clear Channel billboard along Highway 45. "I (have done) a tremendous amount of networking in my job search just to come up empty."

Heuer has a strong résumé detailing experience as a sales or operations manager at four companies and his most recent work in logistics supply for a contractor in Iraq.

His Web site includes testimonials from former superiors who speak of him in glowing terms - "successful track record of driving sales and development," "strong interpersonal skills," "hands-on leader," "always exceeded performance expectations."

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