Friday, April 23, 2010

Best-Kept Secret Twitter Tips for Job Search (Part 2)

Yesterday we started a series with some obvious twitter profile optimization tips that will help you find a job. In this post, I will continue the discussion and will share some more twitter power tips for job search on twitter (click the link to read part 1). These are must-apply tips for all kinds of twitter profiles, so you can use these even if you are not in the job-search market.

Write a powerful bullet bio

In twitter profile, you do not get a lot of space to talk about yourself; nevertheless opportunity is there to capitalize on the little space you get. You should write a powerful, sharp-edged bio. Every word should be telling. The space is limited, so use only what will make the employer click on the accompanying link. Write a powerful bullet bio.

Add a web address

Do not add URL of the website where you talked about your cool kitten. No employer will like to know about her. What you can do is add the URL of your cool kitten website in your website under fun and hobby section, if you desperately want to show that to your employer. But, reserve the web address space on twitter for your professional website — the one that will inform your client about your professional skills and expertise.

Add location

Using this is slightly tricky. You can only add name of your city, if you are living in a big metro, but generally use name of your county along with the city name. This will tell your employer about your whereabouts. It will help them make their minds.

We will talk about twitter profile customization in one more post then we will move further. These are practical tips, and will only benefit you if you work upon them. Reading only will do no good to you.

Once you are done customizing your twitter profile, send me your twitter URL, so that we all can see your work. Meanwhile, you can use the comment box below to leave your suggestion and feedback on this post.

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