Tuesday, April 20, 2010

New 'green collar' job placement portal launches

By Jackie Headapohl

100417Green Collar Job Board Screen Shot.jpg
Green Collar Earth is a job placement board for people seeking environmentally friendly work.If you're dream job consists of working to promote a green economy, then you'll be happy to hear a new job placement portal that launched this week.

Green Collar Earth is a job search, career and recruitment website devoted specifically to green-collar employment.

"I created Green Collar Earth to support job seekers and green companies who are focused on creating and sustaining healthy environments," said Karen McCulloch, founder and CEO of Green Collar Earth LLC.

Green Collar Earth posts employment opportunities only from companies whose openings fit the United Nations Environmental Program definition of a green job — those that help protect ecosystems and biodiversity, use natural resources efficiently and reduce waste.

The site, which will post opportunities from across the country, doesn't have many positions posted yet, but it does have an interesting blog about green collar employment.

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