Monday, January 28, 2013

31 "Killer" Interview Questions

Earlier this month I shared three interview questions I used with success as the CEO of the Taproot Foundation. "Three Killer Interview Questions" was read by over 200,000 professionals and generated nearly 600 comments. Many people found it helpful, some thought the questions were idiotic and some even reported that research had demonstrated that interviews are not effective regardless of the questions.

My favorite comments, however, were those from managers who shared their own "killer" interview questions. Here are the 32 interview questions you posted. Some are brilliant and others perhaps a little less so but I will let you be the judge.
  1. What’s the biggest mistake you mistake you made in your life and what did you learn from it?
  2. If in 3months you found the job not to be what you expected it to be, what would it look like?
  3. What superhero would you be and why?
  4. What is one misconception people have about you?
  5. If you were a kitchen appliance what would you be?
  6. Why shouldn’t I call for a reference and why?
  7. So what are you going to do for us?
  8. Who are your heroes and why?
  9. What works for you and why? How can you increase your interaction with the energy generators? And what can you do to be one yourself?
  10. Who at your former place of work gave you the most energy and why?

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