Thursday, January 3, 2013

Revamping Your Job Search Goals For 2013

by Brittany Schlacter

Remember that list of goals you created at the beginning of your job search? You promised to search every day for job openings, customize every resume, and network with industry leaders. If you’re like most job seekers, you might have abandoned a majority of your goals during the struggles you’ve been faced with during your time unemployed. 

But it’s time to dust off your list of  goals and give your job search a 180-degree turn. With a new year just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to revisit and revamp the goals you created for your job search ensure you get hired in 2013.

Refine Where You Search
Even if you can boast the strongest resume in your field, your job search will flop if you’re looking for job listings in the wrong place. In 2013, it’s important to revamp your original job search goals to emphasize finding better places to search for openings. This means the large big-name job boards alone just won’t cut it anymore.
In the coming year, embrace niche and regional job boards to boost your job search capabilities. These specialized, industry, or regional-based hubs for job listings will allow you to create a more focused search for job listings, as well as being provided with smaller applicant pools.

Network Smarter
Many job seekers start out their job search promising to do more networking, but somehow it is overlooked as the search grows harder. Instead of simply setting networking as a goal during your job search, get more specific. Plan to network smarter.
This means actually attending events and seminars within your industry, interacting with new connections, and looking for unique ways to rekindle relationships with previous connections. Spend time actually utilizing the online networking connections you’ve built up on LinkedIn, rather than waiting for the “right moment”.

Think Outside The Resume
If you’re tired of spending time creating resumes that express your qualifications –but seem to do little in terms of getting any response — then it may be time to get creative. The new year is a perfect time to try out some new and unique ways to get hired.
In this highly competitive job climate, there’s no room for the bare minimum when it comes to standing out to potential employers. Think outside the basic paper or PDF resume by looking into video resumes, infographic resumes, presentation resumes, and utilizing the product of the company you’re interested in to create a resume-like presentation. One size does not fit all when it comes to presenting yourself to an employer. Spend time coming up with unique way to knock the socks off of every company you apply to.

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