Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Job Seeker’s Guide to a Good Attitude

Afifa Siddiqui

There are a variety of aspects of the job search a job seeker just doesn’t have any control over. Even with the great amount of effort you put forth, there’s no guarantee your experience level will impress your potential employer or you’ll make it past a phone interview.

But there is one part of the job search you do have complete control over — your attitude — and it’s arguably the most important piece of your job search.

The job search can do a significant amount of wear and tear to your mental outlook. The mixed range of emotions that job seekers experience on a daily basis can sometimes stretch from frustration to an overall lack of lack of confidence — neither of which lend themselves to any sense of positivity.
While it’s no simple feat to overcome the negativity you’re faced with, there are many reasons why upholding a positive attitude allows you to remain powerful and resilient in the face of common struggles during your job search.

Aside from simply pushing you forward when you’re feeling worn down, your positive attitude can be used as leverage to help you stand out from the competition–you’ll be able to accept criticism and handle rejection better, and it will even help you search harder and potentially help you secure a job faster.

Here’s a quick guide to ensuring that your attitude remains positive throughout your search:

1. Be Kind To Yourself
The job search can turn you into your own worst enemy. Treat yourself with positivity and respect by focusing on your accomplishments and remaining proud of yourself.

2. Take Charge
Be accountable for your own actions by taking responsibility for everything you do. Don’t let a bad day send your search in the wrong direction.

3. Don’t Take Things Personally
It’s all too easy to take your struggles within the job search a little too personally. While it’s important to learn from your experiences, consider them as constructive criticism and grow accordingly.

4. Get Out
Don’t let your job search turn you into a hermit. Continue your daily lifestyle of seeing your friends and family, as well as exercising regularly. All of these aspects will work to maintain a level attitude.

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