Monday, January 27, 2014

6 Reasons Why Your Resume Isn’t Getting A Response

It can be hard to ascertain if it’s your resume, the job market, or who knows what else when you’re job searching and your phone just isn’t ringing. I’m sure your mind begins to wander as you anxiously await an employer’s call or e-mail. Many job seekers have called us and said “I think it’s my resume, but I’m not sure ….” After reviewing their documents, I find myself telling them “Yes, it’s your resume” 99% of the time.

So, how do you know if it’s really your resume or if it’s something else? Here are a few reasons your why your resume isn’t getting a response:

1. It Still Has An Objective Statement

2. It Lacks Any Form Of Personal Branding

3. It’s Fluffy

4. Accomplishments Are Not Highlighted

5. Duties And Responsibilities Have Taken Over

6. Metrics, Facts, And Figures Are Nowhere To Be Found

The Next Step?

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