Friday, January 24, 2014

Out With The Old: Job Searching The 21st Century Way

Yes, the job market is a saturated one – with more people seeking employment than there are positions available. In a time when unemployment is in the double digits in some areas, it can be agonizing to turn in application after application and never hear back. While the jobless numbers may be alarming, there are actually more opportunities out there than most people realize. It’s about knowing where to look and how to make yourself stand out among the sea of competition.

If you are still physically traveling from one place to another to enquire in person about a job opening, then you are missing on scores of potential opportunities with your name written all over them. This is not to say that you shouldn’t look for work in this manner; in fact, there are occasions when it would be appropriate to do so. However, it shouldn’t be your only way. Yes, there are some technophobes out there that still prefer the pre-Internet way of doing things, but one has to be willing to adapt to the technologies prospective employers are using to scout for the best talent.

Here are some tips for job searching the 21st century way:

1. Be Proactive Online

2. Get Friendly With Social Media

3. Make Your Application/Resume Stand Out Like A Diamond In The Rough

4. What If You Lack The Education/Experience?

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