Wednesday, January 22, 2014

6 Ways to Crack the 'Hidden' Job Market

posted by Nancy Collamer

It seems almost a cruel joke being played on people desperate to find work: Most jobs getting filled these days aren’t even advertised.

Instead, they’re typically part of the hidden job market — those millions of openings that never get formally posted. It now accounts for up to 80 percent of hires, according to some estimates.

Given the choice, most employers prefer to fill positions without advertising. It saves money and time. More important, managers who do the hiring often believe the most suitable candidates are people who already work for their firms (or once did) and referrals from staffers.

But how can you get clued in to those hush-hush positions so you can apply for them? The answer: It’s all about connections.

6 Ways to Find Hidden Jobs

Here are six smart strategies to help you find out about “hidden jobs” by improving your networking skills, leveraging technology and expanding your reach.

1. Change the way you network

2. Join a professional networking group

3. Contact employers directly

4. Sign up for Google News Alerts

5. Attend a conference

6. Finally, if you like your current employer but not your particular job, snoop around at work

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