Thursday, March 13, 2014

10 Lies Interviewers Might Tell You

You are interviewing for a position and you're getting a pretty good feeling. The interviewer says, "It was great meeting with you, but we do have a few formalities to go through, before we can make an offer." So does that mean that you're going to hear the "good news" soon, or is what the interviewer said a conversation filler?

It could be either one. Interviewers might not even mean to lie to you. As Alison Green of Ask a Manager points out in her column at US News, these statements often aren't meant maliciously. Rather, "they're inaccurate enough of the time that you shouldn't take them at face value when you hear them."

Here are a few sample statements that you might hear during the interview process -- and what they might mean:

  • “We’ll keep your resume in our archives for any opportunities that may arise matching your qualifications.

  • “We haven’t closed the compensation for the position yet.

  • We strongly believe in work-life balance and encourage it.”

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