Thursday, March 6, 2014

10 Must Use Websites For Your Job Search

There is a wealth of job search tools available out there to help you in your quest. What are some of the most useful resources?

3) Jigsaw

Learn, contribute, and use! This is an extremely powerful tool to find contact information. JigSaw is probably the worlds largest “Rolodex”. You can either “Play” by adding your own contacts and gaining points, or “Pay” by purchasing points to gain contacts. I always prefer FREE, so find all the business cards you have and start entering the information! They have the business card information of millions of people and if you can’t find a phone number or email address through other contacts or Google… THIS is the place to go!

4) JibberJobber

Keeping your contacts, job postings you’re interested in, schedule, record of connections, and everything else in your search organized can be a colossal headache! JibberJobber is a tremendous tool to keep it all together in one place. Another Jason Alba creation, it’s highly useful for free, but even more powerful with some of the premium services. This is a great tool if you’re having trouble with keeping track of everything!

7) Linkup

Similar to SimplyHired and Indeed, consolidates results for you, but instead of scouring job boards, it scours company websites to produce results that may not be listed anywhere else. It’s a great resource to find opportunities that you might otherwise never see.

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