Thursday, March 27, 2014

12 Tips to Hone Your Job Interview Etiquette

By Michael Petras

Your job interview etiquette--or lack of it--will not go unnoticed by respectable employers. We'll explore 12 rules of conduct that will help you make a lasting impression on hiring authorities.

Proper interview etiquette may be second nature to you; but, it's still a good idea to do a quick self-assessment. You'd be surprised how often you are judged by your body language or other personality quirks. We all have them, but once you become aware of your mannerisms, you can over compensate for them during your interview to better reflect the real you.

Fact: Nearly one-third (32%) of chief financial officers recently polled said that candidates are more likely to slip up during their interview than at any other time during the hiring process.

Little subtleties in your personality or mannerisms aren't so little; so don't take them for granted.

1. Greet your interviewers as Ms or Mr

5. Let the company take the lead during your interview

6. Don't step on the last 3 words of someone's conversation

13. A bonus from me... Answer the question that is being asked.  Too often candidates want to tell their story but neglect to actually answer the question that is being asked.  Listening skills are one of the most critical skills that employers are looking for.

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