Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Absolute Worst Ways to Get a Job


What’s the first thing most of us do when we’re looking for a job?

The answer to this question is nearly universal: we hop on the Internet and look for job postings. Some of us even post our resumes on CareerBuilder and Monster, hoping that some eager HR person will find us. If we’re feeling really desperate, we might send our resumes out to as many prospective employers as possible, regardless of their qualities.

The obvious problem is that everybody else is using the exact same methods. When we’re job hunting, we’re trying to stand out from the crowd. Doing what they’re doing is exactly the opposite of what we need to do.

Read on to find out why the methods you’re used to are the absolute worst ways to get a job:

Bad Move #1: Applying to publicly posted jobs

Bad Move #2: Posting your resume online

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