Monday, March 10, 2014

5 Steps That Will Uncover Your Dream Job

Here's how to block out the noise and set yourself on the right path.

We all want a dream job. Just like finding that one great love, it’s a goal that virtually everyone has. After all, over the course of our lifetimes, we’ll work some 90,000 hours -- and that's a lot of time to waste on something you're not passionate about.

While identifying the ideal career is not a walk in the park, I’m here to tell you it’s also not a fantasy. As with anything in life that is meaningful, it requires making a number of clear commitments. In my work with entrepreneurs and CEOs over the years, helping them find professional fulfillment, I’ve identified five tried-and-true tactics that help put people on that path, no matter your industry. Consider it your dream job checklist.      

1. Know your greatest talent and purpose, and learn to speak with clarity and confidence about it.

2. Commit to finding or creating your ideal job, no matter what.

3. Be realistic about your basic financial needs -- but know that when you follow your passion, money often comes too.

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