Monday, August 5, 2013

10 Things NOT to Say in a Job Interview

You’re are nailing this interview. The recruiter is engaging, smiling… even giving that knowing nod that says “very good!”

Then, in an instant, something changes. You can feel it. And, yes, it is usually because of something you said.

If you’re wondering what you can do to prevent your next interview from going downhill like this, here are ten things you must NOT say:

1. “I’m Sorry, but I’m Really Nervous!”

The employer already knows candidates are nervous for their job interviews. If you fumble during your interview, don’t use nervousness as an excuse. Pick up from where you left off and speak with confidence.

2. “How Much Do I Get Paid? What About Vacation Time?”

Never ask about salary during the interview. This is a topic the interviewer will bring up at their discretion. Once the interviewer explains compensation and benefits, you may ask questions regarding the topic.

3. “Did You Know I Ran Cross Country in High School?”

It’s really cool that you have hobbies and talents outside of your career, but make sure during the interview you only talk about experience and skills relevant to the position. Being an all-star runner is a great accomplishment; however, it wouldn’t relate to the accounting job you applied for. On the other hand, if the interviewer mentions they’re a runner or the position is with an athletic shoe company or something similar, it would be acceptable to share your experience to build a connection.

4. “My Boss at ABC Company was Awful.”

Trash-talking your boss during an interview shows a lack of professionalism. Never bring up a past experience during your interview that would cause you to speak poorly about the person or job.

5. “Man, I Really Need this Job to Pay Off My Credit Card Debt.”

The employer realizes you are applying for the job because you are searching for employment. They don’t need to know exactly why you need the job or any personal details. It isn’t necessary to state how desperate you are for the position and you don’t need to say anything that would cause a red flag for the employer.

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