Wednesday, August 7, 2013

What You Don’t Know About Recruiters Can Hurt Your Job Search

by The Social HR Connection

Recently, a friend forwarded me a snarky blog post written by an individual giving technical recruiters “tips” on how not to be hated by technical candidates.

I get it… technical candidates are contacted multiple times a day by recruiters and sometimes with job openings that aren’t relevant to their skill-set. After a while, I would be annoyed, too.

As I read through the blog post further, however, I started to see that he seemingly generalized recruiters into one “type”. I started to wonder if other people had the same thoughts. If so, then I think it would be best to break them out of this one-size-fits-all mentality about recruiters.

I would like to clear the air – and help job seekers understand our purpose a bit better:

We Don’t All Work for Commission

Yes. There are recruiters out there who work for agencies that only pay based on certain metrics. But that only makes up a small portion of recruiters.

Whether I hire you or not has no effect on my paycheck. Making a bonus has no part in the reason why I’m contacting you. I honestly reached out to you because I’m trying to find quality candidates for my client and I thought you were a potentially high caliber candidate.

We’re Not Sales People

Sure, sometimes recruiting duties have some similarities to sales functions. That doesn’t make me a sales person.

What I love about recruiting is the ability to help people find work and help companies find the person that can make their organization better. It’s about discovering the connection that benefits both parties.

We’re Not All Hiring Temporary or Contract Employees

Sometimes companies don’t have the bandwidth to handle the tedious and long processes it takes to source and recruit candidates. They sometimes hire outside help to assist with their time-sensitive position, full-time, permanent, direct hires with the companies.
Before writing a recruiter off, ask the question: “Is the position we’re talking about full-time and permanent?”

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