Friday, August 9, 2013

7 Of The Best Ways To Get Hired Online

E-mail Subscriptions

Make sure you’re subscribed to as many job sites as you can, entering in as many details as possible. If there are a couple of sectors you’re interested in, make sure you tick them all, instead of just looking at one. Widen your range from the main recruitment websites to industry specific bulletins and sites – these more precise sites may come up with jobs that aren’t being advertised as widely.

If there are companies you’re interested in working for, sign up to their newsletters or bookmark their careers page. It’s worth checking regularly and e-mailing for information on how to be alerted. If you don’t ask, you don’t get!

Aptitude Tests

Whether you’re unsure about which job industry you want to go into, or you’re considering switching to a different sector, try taking online aptitude tests. While these aren’t set in stone and won’t tell you what career path to follow, they can be a good way to put your skills to the test and find out what your strongest qualities are.

Some job applications will involve taking online tests, so find practices and make sure you won’t be taking one without doing the necessary research and preparation. There’s no excuse to do badly at them when they are so easy to find and practice!

Social Media Sites

Social media sites will be your best friend while looking for jobs online! Platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter are great places to source vacancies, as well as being able to network, and speak to people in the industry you’d like to enter.

Remember to keep your LinkedIn profile updated, and see if you can find people to endorse you and write recommendations. The more referrals you get, the closer you’ll be to landing your dream job! Make sure all of your social media profiles are professional – Twitter can be a great tool, but it can also be your biggest downfall if you’re portraying the wrong image! Think of it as an extension of your CV: an insight into your life for a potential employer.

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