Thursday, August 22, 2013

Resume Tip Thursday: 10 Filler Words to Delete

By Ritika Trikha

Resume filler words are the equivalent of “like,” “um” or “you know” in everyday conversations. They mean nothing, add no value to the convo and make you sound really redundant.

Unlike resume power words, filler words are vague and applicable to anyone, like “hard-working.”
It’s a bad habit you just have to kick.

Hiring managers graze over meaningless, generic words and phrases included in your resume – costing you major brownie points.

Our friends at Grammarly are naturally sticklers about syntax. They recently came up with a fantastic list of the most generic, useless filler resume words (and phrases) that you, job seekers, must delete right now!

We also scoped out other experts for additional resume-killing filler words for an even more comprehensive list. Here it is:

1. “References Available Upon Request”
This is a given. Hiring managers already know to request references. Plus, this statement has no additional information that would be useful for them at all.

Instead, opt to request some glowing recommendations on LinkedIn. Then, once you have a couple shining recommendations you can flaunt, be sure to include a link to your LinkedIn profile at the very top next to your contact info. Chances are, your future boss will look at your LinkedIn profile anyway!

2.  “I am seeking a job/career/position….”
Too many job seekers are wasting your most valuable resume space by starting with this “I am seeking a position” line as part of their objective statement. Snooze!

The top of your resume needs to have the most impressive accomplishments. It’s prime resume real estate!

3. “Team Player”
Describe a team-oriented achievement.

4. “Strong Work Ethic”
Describe a particularly productive streak.

5. “Detailed Oriented”
On which projects or achievements?

Fillers 6-10 and the complete article

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