Thursday, August 15, 2013

6 Resume Mistakes That Will Get You Rejected

Resume writing is absolutely crucial when it comes to attaining a position of employment – so it’s important not to mess it up. But believe it or not, resume mistakes go way beyond just examining your spelling and grammar. There is much more that you should be considering before shooting off your personal resume to a potential employer.

Here are 6 mistakes that will a) make you look unprofessional and b) prevent you from getting the job. 

Too much blabber
While it’s perfectly fine to develop a resume that exposes all of your talents, you must always remember that too much information can only serve to harm your application. Put yourself in the shoes of an employer; you’re likely to be sifting through a whole host of resumes, you want to scan and quickly pick up the important points of the document without needing to read through four pages of resume.

An inappropriate email address
Is your email address appropriate for a resume? Well, if it goes something along the lines of then chances are that it’s inappropriate – and therefore unprofessional. Which is a bit of a turn-off for employers. If you don’t already have one, create an email address that’s resume friendly – one that includes your full name., for instance (if your name is Joe Bloggs).

Resume jargon
Another thing that is likely to grate on the nerves of employers is hearing the same manufactured and canned clichés over and over as they flick from resume to resume – or, as I like to call it, “resume jargon”. For example, you may claim to be an “excellent team player”, “eager to learn” or “really excited to become a part of a reputable company”.

You may indeed be all of those, but the trouble is that all these phrases are rather generic and unoriginal. They don’t separate you from every other candidate in the process who, in all likelihood, is probably saying something very similar. 

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