Tuesday, August 20, 2013

7 Ways to Make Sure They Read Your Cover Letter

  Your cover letter plays a really important role in a successful job search; but only if it gets read. What is the point of writing a cover letter if no one is going to read it? Doing the following things will increase the chances that recruiters read your cover letter when it is submitted as part of a job application.

  • Keep your cover letter the right length. Except for a few industries including higher education and maybe research, cover letters should be less than a page at all times. No more than three to four paragraphs are all you need to get your point across.
  • Make sure the salutation is correct in your cover letter. One way to get your cover letter tossed aside is to address your letter to the wrong company or wrong person. Take it from someone who reads a lot of cover letters; it does happen and it happens pretty often.
  • Do not use 'To Whom it May Concern" when you write a cover letter. Take the time and do the extra research to find the name of a person. Even using "Dear HR Manager" is better than addressing your cover letter "To Whom it May Concern".
  • Identify the specific job for which you are applying. There needs to be a clear connection between the job you are exploring, your cover letter and your resume.    

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