Thursday, July 18, 2013

41 Reasons Why You Didn’t Get the Job

by Hannah Morgan

You want to understand where or why you are being eliminated, so take a gander below.

 Application Turn Offs

These are the top 5 reasons recruiters rejected candidates according to a Bullhorn Reach survey

  1. applying for jobs for which they are obviously not qualified
  2. exaggerating qualifications

Social Media Turn Offs

Here were the top reasons listed for dismissing candidates based on what they posted on social media according to CareerBuilder’s survey:
  1. Candidate posted provocative/inappropriate photos/info
  2. There was info about candidate drinking or using drugs
  3. Candidate bad mouthed previous employer

Interview Turn Offs

Here are  many of the top turn offs during interviews from various sources:
  1. Lack of knowledge about the company
  2. Tardiness, not showing up for interview on-time
  3. Arrogant, “know-it-all” attitude
  4. Personality problems, irrational behavior

Unspoken Truths

The reality is, you may never hear what the true reason for your rejection.

Top 10 Things a Recruiter Won’t Tell You (CAREEREALISM)

  1. Your interview attire is outdated/messy/too tight/too revealing/too flashy.
  2. Your physical appearance is disheveled/outdated/sloppy/smelly/overpowering (i.e. too much perfume).
  3. Your eye contact is weak/shifty/intense.
  4. Your handshake is limp/too forceful/clammy.
  5. You say ah/um/like too much.

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