Monday, July 8, 2013

Avoid these 7 Job-Search Mistakes

By: Ritika Trikha

1. Your Social Resume is Lackluster

What is a social resume? Glad you asked. It’s a combination of all your professional social profiles, blogs and portfolio. “A professional and well-rounded social media presence gives potential employers greater insights into your personality and interests outside of the workplace,” says from Peter Arvai, CEO of Prezi.

My recent post on US News on Careers can help you break down how to build a thriving social resume in just an hour a day.

3. You’re Not Networking Enough

Sending off dozens of resumes is just the bare minimum of what job searching requires.
Use LinkedIn, Twitter, cold emails and alumni network. “Build relationships with these people so that they will think of you when jobs are available,” says Kent Lee, career expert and consultant for Yahoo and the CEO of Perfect Resume. “Plus, these connections can provide you with valuable insight regarding what companies are hiring, etc. etc.”

5. Overlook the Company’s Culture

“Whether you’re seeking an internship to gain more experience after graduation or heading straight into entry-level employment, you’ll have a more successful job search if you tailor it to the specific values and company cultures you’re interested in,” Heather Huhman, CEO and founder of Come Recommended.

It’s tempting to accept the first offer you get, but check out this post on how to spot a bad company culture to avoid a terrible professional experience. 

See all 7 mistakes and read the complete CareerBliss article

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