Wednesday, July 10, 2013

5 Tips For Finding The Perfect Job Via Job Boards

By Val Matta

Most people utilize job boards in their job search. In fact, a recent source of hire report indicated that job boards are one of the top three methods used by employers to find the right candidates. However, although job boards are a popular method of conducting a job search, do job seekers know how to use them correctly?

There are certain ways to search and later apply for jobs through a job board — and certain methods to avoid. Let’s explore some of these:

Search by occupation
In a saturated job market, many employers may be listing jobs by categories you may not have thought of. For instance, searching for jobs by occupation may serve you better than searching by job title. So instead of looking for the type of law firm job you want, try to create a broader search such as searching for all legal jobs. Not every company views job titles in the same light as you, so searching by occupation can open up your search instead of limiting it.

Use abbreviations
In the opposite light, some employers may list jobs or job functions by abbreviations. For example, a public relations job may be listed as “PR” or an audio visual specialist may be posted as “A.V.” Searching by abbreviations can help you to narrow down your search, particularly if your industry is known to shorten a title.

Keywords matter
Keywords are key! This is particularly true when searching and later applying for jobs through a job board. Not only can keywords help you to find the right job, they can also help your application to stand out through an applicant tracking system (ATS). Common keywords include job duties, education, location, position titles, etc. By searching and later sprinkling these keywords into your application materials, you’ll be able to stand out to an employer, as they’re be likely to pull candidates who have included these components.

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